John D'AntonioBorn in Trenton, New Jersey in 1954, John D’Antonio is considered by many in the art world as one of the leading representational marine artists today. Schooled at the Rhode Island School of Design, the Art Students League in New York and Lehigh University, Pennsylvania. D’Antonio has a rare talent for capturing the essence of his surroundings. John D’Antonio lives with his wife, Rebecca, an award winning porttrait photographer (

John D’Antonio's stunningly realistic compositions redefine our environment whether on land or at sea. John sets a new precedent in the art world. Uniting a remarkable eye for hyper-realism with an unrivaled talent in the use of color and light, D’Antonio's work is at once modern, yet integrates the free, suggestive quality reminiscent of 19th Century American and French land and seascape painters. Schooled at the Rhode School of Design, the Art Students League and Lehigh University, D’Antonio has a rare talent for capturing the essence of his surroundings and offers an innovative commentary about familiar, pleasing subjects. His paintings actually lure us into the subject making us feel as if we are there; whether at the helm headed out of a storm on the high seas or standing at the edge of a field with briliant colored skies just before nightfall—John makes you part of his world.

John D'Antonio John D'Antonio
John D'Antonio

John D’Antonio’s paintings reveal a remarkable eye for telling detail united to a virtuosic facility with color and light. D’Antonio’s work maintains echoes of late-19th Century American and French landscape painters, while his precision and clarity give the work a contemporary feel. Mr. D’Antonio’s subjects include the pastoral landscapes of his home in Washington’s Crossing, New Jersey, the canals and countryside of Holland, Taos, New Mexico and yachts on the high seas. Whether amidst a peaceful bucolic American landscape or rounding the horn through stormy waters, D’Antonio has a rare talent for capturing the essence of his surroundings and making us feel and experience them with a startling immediacy.

D’Antonio art and philosophy has been shaped by a diverse group of influences, from Impressionism and Academicism to the photorealist developments of the 1970s. It was while residing in Hockessin, Delaware near Wilmington from 1983–86 that D’Antonio became inspired by the subject matter and techniques of the Brandywine School of landscape-portrait painters, particularly through the influence and guidance of George Weymouth, President of the Brandywine Museum in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. This association led Mr. D’Antonio to his decision to interpret traditional landscapes in his unique dramatic, photorealist manner.

John D'Antonio

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