Dystopia 2020

People are cloaked behind masks and confined to their homes to avoid a deadly pandemic. The US economy is in sweeping decline. Dark conspiracy theories about a virus as a form of bioterrorism are spiraling out of control. The Income inequality has left cities like Los Angeles with billionaires living in $100-million homes while tens of thousands of homeless people sprawled out in Dickensian scene on the sidewalks. Protesters of racial injustice have taken to the streets across the U.S. and elsewhere, often coming into conflict with police and government troops the likes of which have not been seen since the 60’s.

The US government is under the spell of rich and irresponsible TV reality show stars with authoritarian egos and is in over its head. Congress is dysfunctional and the people its members represent are deeply polarized, echoing the seeds of borderline Communism. Elements of the left and the right are meeting at protests around the country and turning increasingly to guns and other forms of violence. Police fire tear gas and swing clubs. The president, instead of standing for unity, threatens to send federal troops into “Democrat-run” cities.

At the same time, the country is being slammed by record-setting hurricanes, burned by wildfires, imperiled by rising oceans and invaded by disease-carrying mosquitoes that could never live in our climate before and at last – bring on the murder hornets.

While the world was in turmoil, John D’Antonio chronicled his interpretation of the history making events as they unfolded, in his series of paintings entitled the “Dystopia 2020.”