John D’Antonio is an expert painter of imposing realist paintings whose goal is to describe something authentic that generates empathy for the subject.  While living near Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, D’Antonio became influenced by the Brandywine School of Portrait and Landscape painters who include the Wyeth’s and Maxfield Parrish. John pays meticulous attention to detail where his compositions often employ skewed vantage points and perspectives, making his subjects seem uncanny and haunting.

John uses painstakingly controlled brushstrokes to enhance the feeling of stillness, to create an almost surreal atmosphere. He selects intricately detailed subjects and unusual sky colors give his pictures a dreamlike feeling through the use of unorthodox combinations of media. John D'Antonio's methodical approach to composition, color and light are a result of his preparation and his use of elaborate combinations of photographic references, models, and constructions.

For example, he paints grass with a single blade from a sable brush 2 inches long on primed Masonite, starting with black, then building color using a method from the Old Masters to capture the pattern like effect and depth in the grass.