Offshore Sailing

John D ’Antonio’s marine paintings capture the rush of offshore sailing. His  high impact work is about the sea’s energy as he makes you feel the spray and being in the subject, not just a bystander. This is a radical departure from the typical sailing subjects with the boat on the horizon. He is one of the few living American artists that put you – the viewer at the helm and often in adverse conditions where few have been.
John D’Antonio’s eye for detail and unwavering technique make him one of the foremost representational marine artists on the scene today. His skill at hyperrealism means each painting takes between four to six weeks to complete. “The Drum” for example, captures the thrill and excitement of being on a top racing vessel.

John has spent many years on the ocean and experience seeing these subjects firsthand where blue turns to purple and the backwash from the boat creates a magical blue green. Many of his offshore scenes combine a hyperrealist treatment of the boat with a more painterly ocean that helps exaggerate the power of motion through the waves making you feel that you are right there with startling immediacy.